Boli Pura Essences

For many people, Boli Pura Essences are a trusted companion on the way to a fulfilled and healthy life. They offer you a holistic approach to explore and re-balance all aspects surrounding your personal growth, wellbeing and health. The information contained in our essences form gentle, yet powerful impulses for your entire energy system and support it in restoring balance and your natural, harmonious state.

Each Boli Pura Essence is a unique composition of medicinal plants, flowers, roots, bark and healing stones. The information of these ingredients is used by specific areas of your organism, your organs or your psyche to restore their natural balance. At the heart of our creation process, the information from these ingredients is transfered into the natural storage capability of the water crystal and then later transferred to the water molecules in your body, thus reaching the physical, psychological and spiritual levels of your system. Our essences are divided into four families: Organs, Functions, Themes and Children.