How to take Boli Pura Esssences

Here's our recommended starting point for taking Boli Pura Essences:

Age Doseage (drops) How to take
1-2 3 x 1 Glas of water
3-4 3 x 2 Glas of water
5-6 3 x 3 Glas of water
7-9 3 x 4 Glas of water
10-12 3 x 5 Glas of water
13-14 3 x 6 Glas of water
15 and over 3 x 7 Glas of water
Adults 3 x 7 Glas of water or directly in the mouth

Boli Pura for animals

Our essences were developed for humans, however many use them for their animal companions as well. The most common types of animals are dogs, cats and horses. The positive feedback we receive shows us that Boli Pura Essences can also be used for helping animals.

The most important issue to be aware of with animals is the alcohol content of our essences, for which most animals have no tolerance. Our essences should not be dripped directly into the mouth of the animal. We recommend giving one to three drops three times a day, depending on the size of the animal. Giving the drops in a small morsel helps to ensure complete ingestion of the essence. Alternatively, the daily amount can be dripped into the drinking water.